Introducing PrivacyGrader

By Tom Chavez / December 17, 2020

Today the Ketch team is excited to introduce PrivacyGrader, a tool that helps solve the complex and critical problems of consumer data privacy and security.

It’s no secret that data protection is one of the biggest and hardest challenges we face today.  This year, data breaches continued to be constant headline news.  By one account, the average cost of a breach to a U.S. company is now more than $8.5 million

In addition to the direct costs of data breaches, the ripple effects of decreased consumer confidence in e-commerce and online media could have severe impacts on our economy – especially at a time when online experiences have never been more essential to our lives.  

This is a big, complicated problem that even the biggest companies struggle to manage.  Many small and medium-sized companies don’t even know where to begin.  

That’s where PrivacyGrader comes in.  It’s a starting point for companies to diagnose their data privacy performance, and then to begin the process of improving it.  With simple, practical steps. 

This is the kind of challenge our team loves:  Tackling big problems and coming up with elegant solutions that serve an important purpose.

PrivacyGrader works by analyzing your website's collection and use of personal data.  It assesses multiple elements of your privacy procedures and doesn’t just help you find the problems – it identifies the steps you need to take to address them. We provide the analysis to any company at no cost.

Trust is vital for all of us as we deepen our commitment to an increasingly connected, digital lifestyle.  At Ketch, we don't see a zero-sum world where consumer privacy is protected and online businesses lose. We believe that both consumers and businesses can prosper together, and we built PrivacyGrader to help bridge the divide.  We hope you’ll give it a try and let us know what you think.

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